Monday, December 17, 2007

John Major: Sour grapes and pink socks

The most outstanding thing about John Major's appearance on Sunday AM yesterday were his pink socks. It was very difficult to think about what he was saying faced with those glaring garments. There hasn't been such a flambouyant display of hosiery on Sunday mornings since David Frost moved onto new pastures.

Presumably this was John Major telling us that he isn't the "grey man" after all. ...Trying to erase that "nice peas" image.

The man really is quite worked up about his historical reputation. This bleating on about Labour's campaign against Tory "sleaze" in the nineties being "unscrupulous" is just pure sour grapes.

The "campaign" was initiated by John Major saying he wanted to get "back to basics" and to re-discover Victorian values. So, he only has himself to blame.

He also says that the "sleaze" was nothing to do with the government - it was to do with individuals. But those individuals were in the government - he chose them to be in the government - so it was his fault. If you take his argument to its logical extension, if it turned out that most of his government had been convicted criminals then that would have been a fault of the individuals - not the government. It is an absurd argument.

I read John Major's auto-biography. It was very interesting while he was in Brixton and Lambeth. But the moment he got to Number Ten he went into self-justification/sanctimonious mode, so I stopped reading.

Come off it, John Major. You didn't have a raw deal. Labour have nothing to apologise for.

OK, so you got roughed up about "sleaze". But, on the other hand you gave us rail privatisation.

Let's call it quits shall we?

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