Saturday, December 29, 2007

McCain's foreign policy - a recipe for lots of states "outside the tent p***ing in"

Conservative Home has started a series on the foreign policies of the US Presidential candidates. Today's subject is John McCain.

Oh, gaw blimey. His recommendations sound like the rallying call for yet more international war:
  • No retreat in Iraq
  • All means to stop a nuclear Iran
  • A new league of Democracies to rival the UN
  • No to torture
  • Expulsion of Russia from G8
  • Special help for moderate Muslim States.
While several of those points are seemingly innocuous, some of them make my hair stand on end.

Rivalling the UN with another organisation?! What complete madness!

Expelling Russia from G8. Brilliant.

To modify what Lyndon Johnson said, let's get lots of people outside the tent p***ing in, why don't we?!

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