Monday, December 10, 2007

Do you have to be wealthy to get to be US President?

Mitt Romney - top of the US Presidential candidate's money league
...It seems to help. CNN's Money Magazine analyses the wealth of seven of the top US presidential candidates.
It is a fascinating study:
Candidate / Net wealth $M
Hilary Clinton / 34.9
John Edwards / 54.7
Rudy Guiliani / 52.2
John McCain / 40.4
Barack Obama / 1.3
Mitt Romney / 202
Fred Thompson / 8.1

Mitt Romney, the richest, is 155 times as wealthy as Obama. Where did Romney get all that dosh from?:
...he founded Bain Capital, a private equity spin-off that at one time or another had stakes in Bright Horizons, Domino's Pizza, Staples and The Sports Authority, among others. Romney still receives income from Bain as a retired partner but no longer has any say in operations.
The study also lists how the others came by their money and how they invest it.

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