Thursday, December 20, 2007

We've elected a leader, not a bishop or a deejay

As a fully paid-up Godsquad member, I am delighted that Nick Clegg has given a straight answer to the question: "Do you believe in God?" ("No"). It is good that he has got some coverage this morning about this, and it is good that the subject has been opened up for debate.
He's a party leader, not a bishop.

I have often bored people with saying the following. I feel more comfortable with an atheist who has thought their position through, than with someone who puts "CofE" down on their census form, but who has no idea what being a Christian means.

So well done Nick Clegg, and I note that he says that he is at the "agnostic end of the atheist spectrum" which indicates further that he has given the matter thorough consideration. That's good.

When asked to name his favourite music album, Nick Clegg said "Changes by David Bowie".

This is great. It shows that Nick has a wide spectrum of opportunity to learn more about music, but more specifically, to explore the vast and diverse oevre of Mr Bowie. For example, "Starman" isn't even on "changesbowie", the compilation album to which I think Nick was referring. So Nick has loads of great tracks left to listen to and enjoy, which is great.

All right, I am a Bowie fan, so I am holding back. But he's a politician, not a deejay.

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