Saturday, December 15, 2007

Cameron is "tearing his hair out" over Boris' lazy Mayoral campaign

There's an interesting article from Peter Obourne in the Mail:

I am reliably told that David Cameron is "tearing his hair out" at Boris's lazy campaign. He backed his Old Etonian friend for the mayorship in the summer because he was eager to show that the Tory Party was taking the battle for London seriously by putting forward its most dazzling public performer for the top job. But the performer is - thus far - failing to perform.

Obourne warns that a bad defeat for Johnson would have wider ramifications for Cameron and the Tories:

...if Boris blows his London campaign, Gordon Brown will be able to claim very plausibly that David Cameron does not appeal to the broad mass of ordinary voters. And if Cameron can't sell his brand of politics in the metropolitan south-east of England, what hope does he have in the Midlands and the North, let alone in Scotland and Wales?

Obourne says that Johnson lacks ruthlessnes, having missed a series of "open goals", particularly over the de Menezes shooting inquiry: first at least, he hardly got involved. At the time, I spotted Boris (an unmistakable figure) cycling near my home. I accosted him and asked why he was so inert. His reply was disarming. He said words to the effect that he could not bear to join in the media frenzy against poor Ian Blair.

I recommend this post on Boris from the Norfolk Blogger.

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