Saturday, December 22, 2007

Starkey lays into Queen as 'poorly educated'

The Guardian reports:

As the country's most high-profile historian of the British monarchy, one might expect David Starkey to take a warm view of the house of Windsor.

But in a week in which the Queen overtook Victoria as Britain's longest-lived monarch, Starkey has delivered a less than rose-tinted verdict on the head of state, accusing her of philistinism and being uninterested in her predecessors, largely due to being poorly educated.

"I think she's got elements a bit like Goebbels in her attitude to culture," the historian told the Guardian. "You remember: 'Every time I hear the word culture I reach for my revolver.' "

I have heard that quote more commonly attributed to Goering.

Mr Starkey is quite scathing about the Queen. But, he's got a TV series, and no doubt several books, to publicise. He seems to be the Brian Sewell of the history world.

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