Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Intriguing news from Maidstone....

Sorry to go on about this, Iain

I was loitering with intent on Conservative Home and saw the following comments under the posting about the Maidstone and Weald selection. The following exchange of comments is most intriguing:

I understand that Maidstone & The Weald have still not informed applicants of the results of their sift (Cambs NE did so about 10 days ago) and I'm hearing that the reason is that they still have not actually done the sift due to some sort of bun-fight with CCHQ. Am I hearing correctly? Can anybody report/confirm etc?

Ann Widdecombe's favourite did not get through the sift so she has taken selected staff from CCHQ hostage until they force the local sifters to include him!

Who was Ann Widdecombe's favouriate to suceed her?


henry - December 05 at 12.01: I can't say because of the Editor's comment on November 07 at 14.34.

If you are then wondering what the Editor's comment on November 07 at 14:34 was it was this:

Enough comments about Iain now thank you!

Most intriguing!

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