Thursday, December 27, 2007

Has the Cowley Street Bedouin fallen into a quicksand?

Did the Cowley Street Bedouin actually exist? Or was he just a figment of my imagination? In my hazy nostalgic memory I vaguely recall highly balanced and equivocal postings during the leadership contest (which I seem to distantly remember may have been ever-so slightly on the side of Nick Clegg - occasionally).

Now all that's left of the fellow is a series of uncached Google search results and "This page does not exist" on, the URL in question. There is also a nostalgic appearance in the LibDem Blogs archive for 15th December. In true blogger fashion, all these snippets of the remaining internet footprint of the CSB have been preserved in screenshots (below).

But as the phoenix rose from the ashes, The Willow Man has risen from the quicksand into which it seems the Cowley Street Bedouin has sunk. Good luck to him - the Willow Man, that is. We always enjoy seeing him on the M5.

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