Sunday, December 23, 2007

Telegraph Cleggfest - is this what going "outside our comfort zone" means?

The Sunday Telegraph is full to bursting with Nick Clegg:

It has a leader article entitled: "Nick Clegg and David Cameron lead the pack" which hints at a "new consensus":

The election of Nick Clegg as leader of the Liberal Democrats suggests that the beginnings of a new consensus may be forming in British politics. Mr Clegg evidently shares more than just his mannerisms and fresh-faced youthfulness with David Cameron, the Tory leader.

The two also appear to share a similar conviction that the problems besetting Britain's public services can only be solved by devolving discretion and power to the individuals who deliver those services, and to the people who use them, rather than relying on directives from the central state.

There's a report saying that Nick Clegg is planning a "radical departure":

Patients would be able to opt out of the NHS and disadvantaged children would have the option of going to public school under plans being drawn up by the Lib Dems.

There's a comparison of Clegg's and Cameron's personal details and an analysis entitled "Lib Dems' Nick Clegg too close for Tories":

The Tories do see big similarities between Mr Cameron and Mr Clegg, both 40, but they are not as pleased about it as they would have the world believe.

In fact, Mr Cameron's closest colleagues admitted privately just before Mr Clegg was declared leader last Tuesday that he was the result they most feared.

George Osborne, the shadow chancellor, told one MP that he regarded Mr Clegg as "not good for us". He expressed the view that Mr Clegg would be very effective in challenging for Tory votes.

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