Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Iain Dale proves that the Tories wouldn't recognise decentralisation if it hit them in the face

We used to have a game at school in our common room when someone was sitting in one of the few armchairs (e.g. me) and suddenly someone would shout "PILE UP ON WALTER!" (or the name of some other hapless pupil) and everyone would run over and jump on top of the poor soul at the bottom in the armchair, in a marginally good-natured way, of course. It was great fun except sometimes for the poor person at the bottom of the pile. Very puerile, I know.

Well, I cannot resist to join in on the "pile up" on Iain Dale this morning.

Stephen Tall and James Graham have already commented on Iain Dale's post yesterday which bemoaned a lack of response on LibDem Voice early yesterday about the leadership result. Dale reckoned that this means that Conservative Home reigns supreme.

What utter and unmitigated codswallop! Round spherical objects.

Of course, there were over 70 blog posts listed on which Dale overlooks. (And seven posts this morning on LibDem Voice about the leadership.) What a numpty!

They just don't get it do they? The Tories just do not understand decentralisation. Liberals do. And LibDem Blogs aggregated is our belief in decentralisation in tangible form.

Isn't ironic that the total numpty Mr Cameron was calling for the LibDems last weekend to join him in decentralising power from Westminster? But of course, the Tory record, and the attitude of Tory members as personified by Monsieur Dale, shows clearly that the Tories wouldn't know what decentralisation is if it hit them in the face on the end of a brieze block.

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