Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Guiliani: "imploding" - Clinton: "losing support" - Obama and Huckabee: "surging"

Well done to LibDem Voice for starting LDVUSA, in respect of the upcoming US Presidential primaries and election campaign proper.

Paul Elgood commented on the relevant thread:

I’ve just got back from the States, and it seems that the two with fresh momentum (this week) are Obama and Huckabee.

Political Wire this morning provides more evidence for this Obama/Huckabee trend (which coincidentally just happen to be the two candidates I put money on last year! - I'll try to contain my excitement a bit!):

More evidence of Huckabee, Obama surge

Political Wire has learned that new Strategic Vision polls to be released later this week show Mike Huckabee increasing his lead in Iowa, jumping into the lead in Georgia and moving into second place behind Rudy Giuliani in Wisconsin.On the Democratic side, Sen. Barack Obama leads in Iowa. But while Sen. Hillary Clinton still leads in both Wisconsin and Georgia she is losing considerable support in recent weeks.

Huckabee jumps into South Carolina lead

A new SurveyUSA poll in South Carolina finds Mike Huckabee with a double digit lead in the Republican presidential race.Huckabee leads with 30%, followed by Mitt Romney at 19%, Fred Thompson at 18%, Rudy Giuliani at 13% and Sen. John McCain at 10%.Key finding: A month ago, Huckabee was fifth in the same poll. Since then, he has leapfrogged McCain, who is down from 14% to 10%; Giuliani, who is down from 26% to 13%, and Romney and Thompson, who are flat.

Huckabee surge continues, Guiliani imploding

Political Wire got an advance look at a poll to be released later today from one of the early primary states that confirms Mike Huckabee's surge in the GOP presidential nomination battle. Similar results have been recorded in most recent national and early state polls.Most of Huckabee's gains come at the expense of Rudy Giuliani who has experienced a rapid collapse in the polls.

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