Friday, December 7, 2007

"The Broon-ites" hit the nail on the head

Today's new edition of Private Eye has some great stuff in it. I was nearly arrested by the Transport Police due to laughing extravagantly at "The Broon-ites" in this fortnight's issue, while on the train this morning.

The Broon-ites is a wonderful parody of the Broons, that famous Scots cartoon strip. The latest cartoon has most of the Labour cabinet committing hari-kari while Ed (Broon) Balls worries that no-one will ever give money to the Labour party again:

Broon: Dinnae fash yersel'! Ah' know of a place where we can get oor hands on loads of bawbies!!

Broon-Balls: But how? Everyone's finally worked out ye're an accident-prone bampot that counldnae organise a p***-up in yer oan throat!

It had me in hysterics for some time.

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