Saturday, December 15, 2007

Do we really need a BBC1 news summary at 7.57pm?

Does there really need to be a news summary on BBC1 at 7.57pm?

Don't get me wrong. It's a wonderfully presented summary. On Friday night we had the wonderful Fiona Bruce ("rrrrrrrr" as they say on Dead Ringers) and in the South region we were treated to Dani Sinha. It's brilliantly done. It's along the lines of the very attractive BBC3 60 second news.

But we have a full news programme at 6pm and 10pm on BBC1, we can go to the internet or BBC News24 or Sky or Channel 4 or Channel 5 or ITV at other times, so why interupt the smooth flow of Eastenders, Casualty etc with a 90 second news summary?

The debate on this innovation was featured on BBC News 24 Newswatch this week.

Apparently, the new bulletin is aimed at people who sleep-walk through the week without seeing the news at all and without really knowing what is going on.

I remain to be convinced that it isn't a complete waste of time and an extravagant waste of lice-payers' money.

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