Friday, December 14, 2007

The Huckabee phenomenum - now he ties with Guiliani for national Republican lead

Six weeks ago, Mike Huckabee was fifth in the national polls for the Republican US Presidential race - with 6%. Now, a American Research Group national poll shows him tying for first place with Guiliani on 21%.

It is an extraordinary turnaround especially when you consider the comparatively tiny amount of money which Huckabee has at his disposal. He has raised $2.3M, while Guiliani has raised $46.7M.

So Huckabee has started a roller-coaster with a modest campaign, which seems to be based on an appeal to Evangelist Christians and the very clever use of Chuck Norris (below).

I can't say I agree with many, or even any, of Huckabee's policies, but I have to admire his campaign success.

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