Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The dawn of a new era

Once again I want to congratulate Nick Clegg on being elected leader. He made an excellent speech this afternoon, which gives me a lot of optimism for the future.

It was an extremely close result. I take my hat off to Chris Huhne. He gave us an object lesson in how to run a campaign. Well done Chris, campaign Chair Lynne, Campaign manager Anna Weirin, organiser Candy Piercey and all involved!

I am confident that the Liberal Democrats can, after such a model contest, go forward with renewed vigour and confidence.

As I wrote after I interviewed him with other bloggers, I was extremely impressed by Nick Clegg when I met him. He has remarkable intellectually agility, wide knowledge and an infectious enthusiasm for liberalism. I was particularly impressed by his passion for foreign affairs. Also, I was entranced by his yearning for ingenuity in public services. He has a mode of speaking which relates well with people generally.

As I also wrote early in the campaign, Nick has displayed some rough edges, but there were very encouraging signs during the campaign that he has the right attitude to grow stronger as a leader.

I unequivocally congratulate Nick and look forward to an exciting future for the Liberal Democrats under his leadership.

I listened with interest to the interview with Nick on PM this afternoon. I thought he came over as very positive and, in particular, as someone who constantly uses real people as his political compass.

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