Monday, December 17, 2007

More details on the former £100,000 newsreader sleeping rough

My post about Ed Mitchell, the former £100,000 a year newsreader who is now sleeping rough in Hove, generated quite a bit of interest. There was a long piece in the Sunday Times about him here:

His street buddy is a former millionaire turned alcoholic. Mitchell grandly predicts that the 21st century will see many more white-collar tramps. Ever the business journalist, he launches into an appraisal of the sub-prime market and fall in house prices. “A bad debt tsunami will hit this economy,” he warns.

“I haven’t thought about suicide, though I know other people in my situation have,” he says. “If life is a soap opera, I want to see the next episode.” With rumoured agents in the pipeline and a phone so red-hot “it’s been the only thing keeping me warm the past few days”, I suspect we’ll all be tuning in for the next instalment.

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