Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Good luck to Iain Dale!

I see that Iain Dale has resigned from 18 Doughty Street and is bravely planning to launch a new political magazine.

Good luck to him! Full explanation here.

I also see that 18 Doughty Street has stopped live programmes. Yes, I know - I'm slow on the uptake.

Just one small pointette (oh, all right then - two). Iain says that his magazine "will have no party affiliation". Ah yes. That well known even-handedness which got Iain nominated for "Political commentator of the year". Yes. I wonder if Grant Shapps has changed his password from "1234" yet.....

Also, as a bald old git, having watched the final "Blogger TV" from 12th November, I couldn't help but notice that Iain seems to be doing a bit of a combover thing. Come on Iain, give in and join the rest of us bald gits! Have a number one cut and be done with it!

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