Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Spectator asks "What's wrong with Nick Clegg?"

Of course, the Tories are really scared of Nick Clegg becoming leader, so they are trying to trash him before he gets there. Of course. Of course. Naturally. Naturellement. It goes without saying.
But here we are in any case:

The lacklustre nature of Nick Clegg’s public performances is becoming more and more bizarre. This morning on the Today Programme he let Chris Huhne comprehensively out muscle him. Indeed, at times it seemed like he was acting as the set up man for Huhne. Listening to the candidates you would also have thought that Huhne—not Clegg—was the young and dynamic candidate.

If Clegg can’t go toe to toe with Huhne, one wonders how he’ll fare in the bear pit atmosphere of Prime Ministers Questions. Michael Gove, admittedly not a disinterested observer, pithily
sums up the new Westminster conventional wisdom in his Times column this morning, “Nick looks past it before he’s even got it.”

And yes, I know, how can I stoop to quoting Michael Gove?:

Chris Huhne may be ten years older than Nick Clegg but he’s behaving as though he’s got the energy of someone with an inner age in his twenties while poor Nick looks past it before he’s even got it.

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