Saturday, December 1, 2007

Sky poll: Leadership contest still wide open

Here's what Iain Dale wrote earlier but it was quickly withdrawn as it was embargoed until 22:00. I received it indirectly on condition of the embargo, so here it is now. The poll has a margin of error of +/-5%:

Sky have just sent me the following press release about their poll, which will feature on Sunday with Adam Boulton tomorrow morning at 10am.

The Liberal Democrat leadership contest is still wide open, according to a YouGov poll commissioned exclusively for Sky News. The poll of 678 Lib Dem members finds Nick Clegg ahead with 56% of the vote among all those naming a candidate. However, the results show that Chris Huhne (44%) is still able to beat the front-runner as half the membership (52%) has not yet voted and many members remain undecided (24%).

The general public, however, is unmoved by the Lib Dem race. Asked ‘who would make a better leader of the Liberal Democrats?’ 79% said they did not know (11% chose Nick Clegg, 10% Chris Huhne). More than three-quarters of Lib Dem members (84%) want Charles Kennedy back on the front bench. And if neither Clegg nor Huhne were standing, Kennedy is considered the ‘best of the rest’ by a third of members (34%).

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