Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Late surge to Chris Huhne!

Wey - hey!

Chris Huhne’s campaign team have released details of canvassing figures obtained by an independent third party organisation which confirm a late surge in support for him. The figures show that the number of undecided voters has fallen dramatically over the past ten days (from 38.4% to 17.5%) and that these members have plumped overwhelmingly for Chris.

Details of the figures are as follows: (1)

Chris Huhne definite - 44.7% (2)
Nick Clegg definite - 15.2%
Chris Huhne leaning - 5.3%
Nick Clegg leaning - 1.5%
Undecided - 17.5%
Won’t say - 14.4%

Anna Weirrin, Chris’s campaign manager said “These figures are fantastic and confirm what our own canvassing is showing - that the late votes really are coming Chris’s way. Of course many people will have voted early and Nick may have won the early votes. But no-one should assume there are any foregone conclusions; this is a leadership election which is going to go right down to the wire. Chris has run a great campaign but the last week has been exceptional. He has shown that he’s not just strong on policy - he also has the real ability to communicate well and establish a presence for the Party in the media.”


¹ A survey of 1,000 randomly selected Party members was carried out by an independent organisation. The polling was carried out in three batches – the figures above reflect the data acquired over the period 27 Nov – 4 Dec. Amalgamating the definite and leaning support and giving Nick Clegg all the “won’t say” responses, indicates that members’ support at the moment is splitting in the region of 50% Chris Huhne, 30% Nick Clegg with just under 20% undecided.

² Definite support for Huhne in the first two batches stood at 26.6% and 28.7%.

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