Friday, December 7, 2007

Fascinating snippet about Saj Karim

There is a fascinating snippet about Saj Karim in this morning's Guardian Diary:

Continuing unpleasantness in Brussels, where Lib Dems can't help sticking the knife into Saj Karim, the MEP who defected to the Tories after failing to top the party's candidate poll for next summer's Euro elections. Fresh mud is being thrown by Chris Davies, the MEP who did top the list. It's all so unseemly. Davies has contacted the Tories, pointing out that prior to the vote a suspicious number of new members joined the party in Oldham, Karim's heartland. Many spoke no English and checks revealed that some had no idea that they had joined. It was moot because none had been members long enough to take part in the vote and few have been seen since. As the vote was untainted and Karim has now left, plans for an inquiry were shelved. We make no suggestion that Karim was involved or even knew it was happening, but it is definitely a tragedy. Had the recruits been able to vote, it could all have been so different.

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