Sunday, June 7, 2009

Will UKIP save Brown's bacon ? - LibDems win North East seat

Early indications show UKIP well up but the Tories well down. That is the picture, for example, in Christchurch and North Lincolnshire. That could well take the sting out of the blow for Brown.

The BBC's Mark Mardell says that there are rumours sweeping the European Parliament that UKIP have done stunningly well, perhaps coming second with 18 seats.

Early indications suggest that this success will be at the expense of the Conservatives. That's the crucial element which may well let Brown off the hook.

Mind you, news is coming through that the Conservatives may top the popular vote in Wales!

Now, that might do for Brown!

Contrary to Tim Montgomerie's early wishful thinking, the LibDems easily won a seat in the North East, beating UKIP by 13,000.

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