Monday, June 8, 2009

Paradise for polinerds

Anyone wanting to drown in political nerdy paradise should look at Slugger O'Toole's Live Blog or here on CoveritLive or Tweet search for #EUNI.

The Northern Ireland count is absolutely fascinating - bearing in mind it is a STV system, unlike the rest of the UK.

Sinn Fein's candidate was the only one to be elected via first preferences.

The poor old DUP vote was split. Many of their votes went to Allister of True Ulster Voice. The second stage gave a seat to the Ulster Unionist/Conservative candidate.

Now the poor old DUP are having to scrap it out for 2nd prefs with the SDLP. Apparently, many DUP members have left the counting hall because they were so distressed! It is all too distressing...I can hardly stop laughing crying.

One fascinating snippet of info came to me via Mick Fealty, the gentleman (amongst other people) behind Slugger O'Toole. He said that the True Ulster Voice 2nd prefs went half to UCUNF (UU + Tories) and 1/3rd to DUP. That is interesting. So many people who were miffed that DUP went into power with Sinn Fein were so miffed they even refused to give their 2nd pref to the DUP and gave it instead to the "softer" UUP. Fascinating.

Update: The DUP have squeaked the third seat. "A close brush with death" says a tweeting Mick Fealty.

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