Thursday, June 4, 2009

Can Brown actually form a government?

Pulling together various reports, it seems that John Reid and David Blunkett have turned down roles in Gordon Brown's government. These reports came from the Independent (amongst others) and a "senior Labour source".

There's also a loose rumour that John Reid, perhaps performing the role of the men in grey suits single-handedly (with, perhaps, a finger or twain of Single Malt thrown in), told Brown to resign, after refusing to join his government as Home Secretary.

(Number Ten say Reid and Brown talked about football. So there's a crisis engulfing Brown and he is spending his time chatting about football and ringing up Simon Cowell to ask how Susan Boyle is - great.)

Thirdly, there is a rumour via Sky News (who don't have the highest credibility at the moment, admittedly, but it was also reported widely including in the Telegraph) that Alastair Darling turned down the role of Home Secretary.

With this sort of rate of refusal, one wonders whether Brown can actually credibly form a government to run the country from next Monday onwards!

It's possible Blunkett was also sounded out for Home Secretary. So, if true (and much of this is in the twilight zone of rumour) that would make three people - Blunkett, Reid and Darling - who have refused the role of Home Secretary this week.

That surely must rate as a record, does it not?

But come off it, if three eminently suitable, experienced politicians turn down the key and senior role of Home Secretary, then surely the game is up and there is nothing left but to jump into the limousine for a relaxing ride to Buck House for a refreshing cup of tea and a soothing chat with our Betty, is there not?

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