Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Black-balled Bercow

Oh joy! What a pleasure to see Cameron, applauding Bercow, and looking as if he (Cameron) had swallowed a wasp. All those Tories with their arms folded. And Alan Duncan on BBC Breakfast managed only to bring himself to say that Bercow is "capable" and that the position of Speaker should be "respected".

But Bercow is, at least, a moderate break with the Gentlemen's Club tradition.

Sir George Young, patrician Eton-educated baronet - now he would have been the "Club" choice. What sort of message would that have given the country?

But Bercow? He's the son of a taxi driver! Dear, dear. Bought his own furniture. From MFI. Definitely a chap who would be serially black-balled.

It's just not on.

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