Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A goldmine of old Liberal party videos

Stephen Tall was bemoaning the paucity of videoes of Jeremy Thorpe on the web. This made me recall the excellent British Pathe News site which has loads of old films of Thorpe plus other gems from the past:

Jeremy Thorpe becomes new Liberal party leader

1970 Thorpe interview shots (mute)

1968 Thorpe's (first) wedding

Thorpe at a 1967 dinner for Kosygin, Russian Foreign Minister

Thorpe On a 1969 Oxfam walk

and this gem:

Miss Laura Bonham-Carter marries Mr Joseph Grimond

and these silent films:

Gladstone's funeral

Asquith arriving in Newcastle and Miss Asquith marries Prince Bibesco

"The worst is over" - Lloyd George in Manchester

You can search for more on the site.

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