Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Dickie Bird gives Barnsley the finger

No offence intended. ;-) ...and many apologies to Lord Bonkers for doing a post about cricket without any mention of the .....-..... method.

Many congratulations to Dickie Bird, who's just unveiled a statue of himself where he was born in Barnsley (it was erected by benefactors in the town). There's not many people who have a statue raised to themselves while they are still alive. Indeed, Sir Michael Parkinson and Geoffrey Boycott have not been afforded this honour and they are both, by strange coincidence, Barnsley contemporaries of Bird.

There's a great video of the occasion here from the Yorkshire Post. It looks like a truly great occasion. Well done Barnsley! Well done Dickie Bird!

I didn't realise that Dickie used to put his finger up like that (i.e. palm turned towards himself as in the statue). See also above. Indeed, in this classic photo with Dickie doing his hilarious laugh-a-minute "two hat" routine and adjudging someone as "out", he didn't.

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