Thursday, June 11, 2009

A bad 24 hours for the Tories

1. Andrew Lansley assumes the role of shadow chancellor and announces their spending cut plans. 10% cuts on everything except for the NHS, schools and international development. That's a lot! 10% on defence, for example? I hear Tory retired colonels all over their country colectively spitting out their cornflakes!

2. George Osbourne has been reported in the Times for allegedly flipping his second home allowance and allegedly claiming for payments on a £450,000 mortgage. If your the heir to a baronetcy and a massive fortune (the Osbourne and Little wallpaper and drapery firm), I suppose you always need a little help.

3. There are signs we are moving or have moved out of recession. (It's the economy, stupid).

And to add insult to injury, the betting is that the Tories will get the last person they want as Speaker - their very own bĂȘte noire John Bercow.

At this rate, Labour will win the next election. OK then, forget that last bit - I had a momentary rush of blood to the head.

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