Monday, June 1, 2009

Economy: Reasons to be cheerful

....or at least not terminally depressed.

Etched on my memory is the big red graph line going down behind the newsreaders on the BBC with headlines like "SHARE CRISIS" and "CREDIT CRUNCH".

The media caravan has moved on with its scorched earth policy, to expenses and Susan Boyle.

But it would be nice if some attention is paid to some good news in the economy.

Honda Swindon reopened production today! Hurrah!

The Dow is up 200 points today, despite the GM bankruptcy!

The FTSE is up 2% also today - that's up 4% or 180-odd points in the last five days.

Come on - let's get a bit optimistic.

And at a local level, spending is going well. Only last Saturday my offspring came back from a shopping trip to announce: "I've been putting money back into the economy".

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