Monday, June 29, 2009

Grandiose fantasy Liberal cabinet

William Gladstone - Prime Minister
Winston Churchill - First Lord of the Admiralty and Deputy Prime Minister
John Maynard Keynes - Chancellor of the Exchequer

Now, who else is there?..........

Ah, yes

Vince Cable, Chief Secretary to the Treasury
Nancy Seear, Work and Pensions
Jenny Tonge, International Development
Roy Jenkins, Home Sceretary
Shirley Williams, Leader of Commons, Lord Privy Seal
Ray Michie, Sceretary of State for Scotland
Jo Swinson, Environment, Food and Rural Affairs
Herbert Asquith, Constitutional Affairs
Susan Kramer, Transport
Baroness Barker, Chancellor, Duchy of Lancaster
Lynne Featherstone, Children, Schools and Families
Baroness Nicholson, Leader of the House of Lords
William Beveridge, Secretary for Health
Nick Clegg, Foreign Secretary
Lloyd George, Defence
John Cleese, Culture, Media and Sport
John Pardoe, Business Innovation and Skills
Jo Grimond, Cabinet Office
Paddy Ashdown, Energy and Climate Change
John Stuart Mill, Justice
Charles Kennedy, Communities and Local Government
Jenny Willott, Secretary of State for Wales
Julia Goldsworthy, Northern Ireland
Menzies Campbell, Minister for the Olympics
Baroness Sharp, Paymaster General
Also attending:
Baroness Ludford, Housing
Baroness Neuberger, Minister of State, Business, Innovations and Skills
Baroness Northover, Employment & Welfare Reform
Lord Roberts of Llandudno, Africa, Asia and UN

Thanks to LDV , Caron and Irfan Ahmed.

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