Friday, June 19, 2009

The Cost of the Freedom of Redaction Act

The thing which makes me fuming about this redaction business is the cost of it. Going through some MPs' expenses yesterday, great acres of it were more black than white! It must have taken ages for someone to go through all this stuff. And that was after 200 MPs asked for nothing on their expenses to be redacted. The authorities still went ahead. Apparently the whole exercise cost £2 million.

So, hang on a minute. We've been ripped off once by MPs claiming for all sorts of nonsense. Now, we're ripped off again to the tune of £2 million to carry out a ridiculous exercise to black out details which the Daily Telegraph already has, and in many cases, has already published.

This is past the point of ridiculous. It is an outrage. I am genuinely ashamed to be British because of this.

And to think that the MPs themselves passed the Freedom of Information Act in 2000! They've had nine years to get ready for this. It became effective in 2005 so they've had four years to clean up their act after five years warning. It is just mind-bogglingly disgraceful! They do Freedom of Information in the US and Sweden without turning a hair.

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