Monday, June 22, 2009

MPs use STV with extra flock instinct and faff

Despite opposing such a system for their own election, I note that MPs are using, essentially, Single Transferable Vote for the election of their new Speaker. OK. It's not STV. But it's sort of STV with flock instinct and extra faffing about thrown in.

Goodness knows why they don't just go the whole hog and use STV. But no, they have to have rounds and physical eliminations and print new ballot papers and spend hours doing it with the electorate walking in and out several times. What numpties! The only reason I can see to do the vote in rounds rather than just doing STV in the first place, is that it allows a "flock instinct" to enter the contest. MPs can see who others voted for as first preference before deciding their second preference or changing their first preference. One might call it "Grandiose STV".

With advance apologies to STV-nuts who will no doubt soak me in adverse comments.

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