Sunday, June 7, 2009

Where to find the European election results

The official multi-language EU results site is here

The BBC results site here and their more general European news site is here.

Google's European election news collection is here.

The EU Information website has a great feed of news here.

The BBC has a live Text and Video update here which is strongly recommended.

There's some excellent pre-results coming in via Twitter search on #eu09

Liberal Vision has a superb European exit poll thread here.

PoliticsHome will give regular updates in its Green Box here.

The Guardian have started a LiveBlog here.

Conservative Home have a live blog here with their usual blue tinge.

The results will start coming in at 9pm GMT or 10pm CET.

The official site will also start publishing the turn-out figures then.

The Guardian has an excellent Tweetdeck of their various journalists here and the UK political parties here.

Please leave a comment below if you have found any other mines of info on this subject!

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