Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Gladstone and Wavertree LibDems

I had a wonderful evening in Liverpool yesterday. Many thanks to my old friend Councillor Colin Eldridge and his superb team for welcoming me into the bosum of Wavertree LibDems for some targetted letter delivery. All the streets where we delivered looked, to me, as though they were part of the set of "Bread" - but I apologise for that somewhat patronising remark from a soft snobby southerner. Liverpool is a great city and it is marvellous to see the LibDems doing such great work there.

The nerve centre of the HQ of Wavertree LibDems has many historical reverberations, being regaled with a large portrait of Gladstone, plus another of Campbell Bannerman and a quote from Trevor Jones on the wall. I was reminded that the bicentenary of Gladstone, who was, of course, born in Liverpool, is being celebrated this year.

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