Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The dead man walks on

Iain Dale says that Cameron is delighted about last night's Parliamentary Labour party meeting outcome:

Brown remains in situ. He's swinging from the gibbet but there is no one courageous enough at the top of the Labour Party to pull the rope tight around his neck.

I don't think courage enters into it. I very much doubt that either Alan Johnson or David Milliband want the poisoned chalice of the Labour leadership at the moment. They would not have any real leeway to radically change policies at this stage and they would just caretake the party until it goes down to an ignominious defeat. Why not give Brown that privilege? Perhaps nearer June 4th 2010, one of them might think it would be nice to go into the election leading the Labour party with a honeymoon effect surrounding them...I don't know.

I am struck by something I wrote about Brown a year ago in a post entitled: "Gordon Brown: One sandwich short of a picnic"- which is still true today:

To put it bluntly, (Brown) won't be a success as Prime Minister as long as he has a hole in his bottom.

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