Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Gordon Ramsay finally gets his comeuppance

Gordon Ramsay is behaving like an utter prat Down Under. But finally he has had to eat Humble Pie and apologise for his behaviour after his mother gave him a "bollocking" and the Australian Prime Minister intervened.

You can luxuriate in these You Tube vids:

-Behind the scenes footage at Channel Nine, showing Ramsay swearing at staff, described as a "ranting rampage"
-Television Presenter Tracy Grimshaw giving Ramsay both barrels.
-Gordon Ramsay making remarks about Ms Grimshaw at a food fair.
-A rather on-the-edge interview on Rove Daily from the show's website here.

Overall I think it is possible that our Aussie cousins may have slightly over-reacted, but it's nice to see Ramsay brought down to size.

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