Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Patrick Cormack flips his lid over fellow Tory MP, Ed Vaizey

I couldn't help but be surprised (and indeed entertained) by this monstering of Ed Vaizey (Conservative) by Sir Patrick Cormack (Conservative) in the House of Commons yesterday evening:

Sir Patrick Cormack: ...We are talking about families—the Government have even elevated the word “families” into the title of one of the Departments of State. If we are intent on promoting the concept of the family, why do we run away from the importance of the role of the father?

Mr. Vaizey: Given the logic of my hon. Friend’s case, if a mother and a father had treatment, the mother became pregnant and the father then left the mother, should the mother then be made to terminate the pregnancy?

Sir Patrick Cormack: That is a most fatuous intervention. I have never heard such a ridiculous intervention from a so-called intelligent man. Of course not, and the hon. Gentleman almost abuses himself by asking the question. It is a ridiculous question to ask.

"So-called intelligent man" eh? Strong stuff about someone in your own party...

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