Tuesday, May 20, 2008

LATEST: Clegg 'unambiguously' denies Telegraph story regarding "hung parliament" support for the Tories

UPDATE, 20/5/08: Nick Clegg comprehensively denied that there was any truth at all in the Telegraph story at the Policy Exchange tax launch this lunchtime. Commenting on a thread on LibDem Voice, Andy Mayer wrote: "I’ve just come from Nick’s tax launch speech at Policy Exchange where he addressed a question about this with the entirely unambiguous response that there was no truth at all in the Telegraph story."

Original posting 19/5/08: A very reliable and informed source tells me that this morning's hung parliament/Clegg/Tories Telegraph story was a planted piece of mischief making by the Tories rather than anything originating from Clegg & co. I note that the article contains no direct quotes and is mostly written on the basis of "The Daily Telegraph understands that...".

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