Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Clegg to outline tax policy shift

This is interesting. It seems almost the same as David Cameron's big fuss about tax yesterday, but I am sure it will distinctly liberal. BBC Online reports:

Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg is expected to mark a party policy shift by signalling his intention to cut tax for low and middle income families.
In a speech in London, it is thought he will explain plans to crack down on tax avoidance and reform capital gains and pension tax relief.
The party leader is set to say he would tighten loopholes that enable people to conduct this practice.
Mr Clegg has accused the government of acting unpredictably on tax issues.
He is expected to say he will tighten loopholes that enable individuals and firms to do businesses in the UK but keep their wealth in off-shore trusts.
And the Lib Dem leader is set to say he would limit relief on pensions for higher rate taxpayers.
BBC Political Correspondent Laura Kuenssberg said: "Reducing revenue has not traditionally been top of the list for Liberal Democrats.
"These plans are another clear sign that, in a harsher economic climate, the debate on tax is shifting."

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