Sunday, May 18, 2008

Nick Clegg does it again

Nick Clegg appeared in the Guardian's Weekend Q&A feature alongside a frank photograph (if there is such a thing - the web site photo is different from the one in the hard copy magazine). The answers are, once again, refreshingly breezy and frank - something we are getting used to from Nick (although there is nothing in the 30 lovers league).

His super-power would be breathing under water. Fascinating. The Man from Atlantis. The sea is his favourite smell.

He doesn't like his stomach, regrets that he hasn't kept fit and he thinks he would end up being played by Rodney from Fools and Horses in a film of his life (although he would have preferred the sadly unavailable Henry Fonda).

He reckons he over-uses the words "robust" and "the point is..."

The poor fellow once got a summer job where he ended up sorting files in the windowless basement of a bank all summer.

No wonder he took revenge on those cacti!

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