Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Clegg outlines democratic reform needs

In the Independent Nick Clegg draws together his views on reform of the democratic system. In an engaging article which starts with how he was rapped for breaking parliamnetary rules recently for holding up a Gurkhas medal, he concludes:

...Parliament itself must be transformed. A fully elected House of Lords, of course. A cut in the number of MPs by a third. Powers for MPs to vet and, with sufficient cross-party majorities, sack ministers and senior officials. All legislation to include sunset clauses so that unnecessary laws do not persist. Fiscal and spending scrutiny should be massively increased. The Government's bloated £200m advertising budget, some of which is used shamelessly for propaganda purposes, should be cut for a start. We should have a three-day debate on the spending programme following the comprehensive spending review, with provision for amendment to proposals. Parliamentary committees should be given real powers to hold the executive to account, including the right to subpoena witnesses.

It's radical stuff.

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