Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The end of Hillary

After a double digit win in North Carolina and a "virtual tie" (pollster John Zogby's words) in Indiana, Obama will be unleashing about 30 new super-delegate endorsements over the next 36 hours (we are told).
This is probably, at last, the "killer blow".
Radio 4's Today were earning their licence fee on this subject this morning. They had John Zogby in the studio, which was quite a coup.
I had begun to doubt Obama's bounce-backability (great English word) but these results show he has it. He has bounced back from the "bitter" row and the Rev Wright row (which nevertheless will haunt him until November).
I had started to feel very queasy about Hillary's talk of credential committees at the convention in August. As one seasoned Democratic pollster said on Today: "If the contest goes to credentials and seating debates in August then the Democrats may as well write the concession speech to the Republicans there and then".
But Bill Clinton's glum face at Hillary's "victory parade" said it all and was underlined by the overnight withdrawal of a promised bucket of funding for the Clinton campaign.
She's finished.
Justin Webb, a man who has amassed considerable credibility as a US commentator, said it all in his post titled "The End":
The End - It really is as simple as that.
Even if Hillary were to surprise us all by performing well in forthcoming Obama-favoured contests in states like Oregon and South Dakota - even then, her victories would change the underlying arithmetic of the race so little that the impact would be minimal.

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