Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Disgraceful Tory policy on female same-sex couples and IVF treatment

Ah great! At last, a bit of red meat to rant about!

I have booked a check-up with my GP. I agree with one of Bob Shaw's posts.

Well done Bob for flagging up that the latest pronouncement from Team Cameron, saying that Lesbians should be barred from IVF treatment if there is no father figure present, shows that Cameron's purported modern "compassionate Conservatism" has disintegrated into a thousand pieces.

Apart from being downright disgraceful, I don't think that this policy would last more than five minutes in the European Court of Human Rights.

This is an outrageously transparent political gambit aimed at Daily Mail readers and reactionary retired Colonels (not all retired Colonels, mind you - I know some very progressive ones).

In fact, we are talking about such a small number of cases here that it really is "angels on the head of a pin" time. But there are ethics committees which review such IVF cases, so that all cases which are carried out are checked to ensure that there is a stable home life etc (whatever the status of the couple seeking the treatment). Super-imposing the need for some sort of "father figure" hovering around in the background is just total (shall I say "bollocks" ? - I have been resisting it for years) no, I'll keep calm and say "Round spherical objects".

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