Monday, May 26, 2008

Boris' first really stupid act

Thanks to Nich Starling for highlighting that Boris has cancelled a deal which gave cheap fuel for transport for London's poorest people. It was a deal with Venezula in return for which London provided advice on energy efficiency to Venezula.

Deals like this have also been done by the cities of Boston and New York, and the state of Massachusetts.

If it's good enough for Mayor Michael Bloomberg in New York - why isn't good enough for Boris?

By still committing to provide the cheap travel provided by this deal, without the use of the cheap fuel, Johnson is creating a large hole in his budget which he will have to fill from taxes or cuts elsewhere. And precisely why? It is the same spite or dogma which caused the Tories to crow about cancelling copies of the Morning Star for City Hall.

Ken Livingstone commented:

"It shows that he is more interested in pursuing his right-wing ideological agenda than improving the living standards of the most deprived people in the capital.
"The fact that the first significant action by Johnson's Tory regime is against the poorest people in the capital is highly significant as is the cowardly way he has made the announcement on bank holiday Sunday without any consultation with the organisations representing the thousands of carers, single parents and others affected."
Mr Livingstone added: "The suggestion that Johnson is motivated by any concern about the people of Venezuela is just a lie shown by the fact that he is withdrawing all technical support and advice provided by London under this agreement."

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