Wednesday, May 21, 2008

By-elections in Winchester and Henley at same time ?!

I doubt it, but Conservative Home says:

A rumour for you: There is gossip in the Westminster village that Mark Oaten may be about to quit his Winchester seat for a job in the USA. It's unconfirmed but a by-election in Hampshire would be very useful for our defence of Henley if the LibDems are forced to fight on two fronts.
The LibDems are already mass surveying Henley. Boris is reportedly keen to quit the seat early and attempted to force the issue on some reluctant party high-ups by writing a farewell letter to his constituents via the Henley Standard.

Whatever his job prospects, I very much doubt that Mark Oaten would dump a by-election on us at a time which could be made to coincide with one at Henley. However, whatever happens I am sure our Mr Tod and his team are ready.

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