Thursday, May 15, 2008

Brown: credit where credit is due

Call me a fuzzy-headed old numpty if you will, but I was reasonably impressed by the tone and seriousness of Gordon Brown's appearance on Today this morning. (Mind you, after 10 minutes I thought I'd better get into work, so perhaps if self-combusted after that...I know not.)

He's had a lot of derision fired at him, but I find it very difficult to imagine that Cameron could do any better in terms of managing, and answering questions from the Humpster about, the economy. I thought Brown put things into perspective in terms of the price of oil and inflation.

I do think there is a danger that the media community are often not old enough to have lived through a real red-blooded recession, and therefore there does generally seem to be a tad of hysteria surrounding our current position, combined with a lack of wide realisation about the comparative strengths of our economy.

Having said that, whatever Vince Cable said about the interview, I agree with him. ;-)

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