Friday, May 2, 2008

Great news!!!! : Reading's Labour leader ousted by LibDems - Live Blog

12.01 All results are in. Labour have lost control but the Conservatives have failed to gain control. My calculations are: 3 Tory gains from Labour, 2 LibDem gains from Labour, one Con gain from LD, leaving the seats as:

Labour 20
Conservatives 18
LibDems 8

11:44 LibDem Warren Swaine wins Katesgrove ward, unseating Labour council Council Leader since 1995, David Sutton, said to be one of the longest serving councillors in the South.

Tories gain Kentwood ward from Labour. Labour hold Southcote. Tories hold Thames ward. Labour hold Abbey ward. Tories gain Peppard from LibDems.

11.30 Labour hold Minster ward. They have already held Whitley ward. The Conservatives held Mapledurham ward earlier.

11.17 The BBC report that unless Labour manage the miracle of gaining some seats, they have lost control of Reading for the first time in 22 years.

11.08 Tories win Church ward from Labour

11.03 Glenn Goodall for the LibDems wins Redlands ward from Labour with a big majority of 191 votes!

10.50 The Conservatives have won Caversham ward from Labour in Reading.

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