Friday, May 23, 2008

Mark Thatcher Supporters' Blog

Mark Thatcher (no relation to the son of Lady Thatcher) has been a very energetic and affable Chair of Newbury branch Liberal Democrats for several years. He has also been a stalwart campaigner and deliverer for the LibDems in West Berkshire, contributing particularly energetically to our great victories in Thatcham Town Council by-elections over the last few months.

Mark moved with his family to Newbury a few years ago, having previously been very active with the Liberal Democrats in Islington, including being Chair of Islington LibDems and a council candidate in 2002.

Mark has just had a serious operation and is recovering in hospital. If anyone knows Mark, you may be interested to know that an excellent blog has been set up called "Mark Thatcher Supporters - supporting Mark and his family in their time of need". Mark has been blogging from his hospital bed on this site, and it is an excellent place to leave supportive messages for him and his family.

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