Thursday, May 8, 2008

Clegg: We can't suddenly say: 'Middle Classes - Bog off!'

Nick Clegg flanked by Jo Christie-Smith and Alix Mortimer at last night's bloggers' interview in the House of Commons
-So said Nick Clegg during last night's bloggers' interview. He said that, as we seek to reduce the deprivation of the less well-off, "we can't suddenly say: 'Middle Classes bog off' ". We have to take them along with us, he said.
He also let slip the wonderful phrase: "Buggins turn to bugger it up" to describe Labour/Tory governmental alternation.
He revealed that he was "struck" by President Sarkozy at the recent State Visit, finding something "unfrench" about him - he was "totally direct".
Nick said that Boris Johnson should resign immediately as MP for Henley, poured scorn the idea of the "reverse hereditary principle" (hauling in Stanley Johnson as the Tory candidate for Henley) and said the Tories can't "take the people of Henley for granted".
Nick said he hasn't watch himself on ITV's Headcases. "Should I?" he enquired.
He also talked about the 10p tax, deprivation, David Cameron, the LibDem narrative, the disaggregation of the media, PR and his vow to disobey government demands for his personal data.
All in all, Nick was again engaging, energetic, highly intelligent and "on the ball".
My full write up of the interview is here.

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