Friday, May 2, 2008

London elects a fluffy bunny as Mayor

I've kept out of commenting much on the London Mayoralty election, because I am out in the sticks with a straw in my mouth, and venture into London barely six times a year.

I think Boris Johnson is a prat and wouldn't vote for him if my life depended on it.

I am hoping we'll now get some entertainment from him. Just a 10 minute interview with any journalist worth their salt (not Andrew Gilligan) would do. And then the whole edifice would disintegrate - rather like an old jumper when you pull at a thread of wool and eventually the whole thing turns into a pile of wool on the floor.

But I am dreaming. Boris will be locked into a political chastity belt with David Cameron holding the key. So no fun - probably.

John Harris on Comment is Free has written an excellent article, including this bit aimed at those who voted for Johnson:

If you voted for Johnson, perhaps you can help by offering answers to some very simple questions. If he could credibly put his past opinions behind him and present a new convincing face, why did he spend the whole campaign running scared of any meaningful encounter with any journalist? If you cleave to the idea that he may somehow invent a new strain of "progressive" Tory politics, perhaps you could fill us in about what policies for the capital might reveal exactly what this means? Or was this just about - and I'm clutching at straws here - an opportunistic pitch on crime, that yawn-inducing stuff about Routemaster buses and a very British desire to upset the applecart?

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